Festival Specials

During the time of these festivals we have a 4 days or a 7 days special offer.

Rates in the main building are from € 400 to € 1100.

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Time out

Time for you. Exclusively for you. Away from the daily routine. Away from well-trodden paths. Find out who you really are, what you like, where your joy is and what makes your heart sing.

Distance yourself from the known, let your spirit and soul wander and make space for the New. Reset the pointer to zero and start being the creator of your life. Find your inner impulse here in the Now of the nature of Terra Selvatica and just be you.

Our time out offers a safe environment to be close to yourself in your authentic being, to connect with the purpose of your life, to free old belief systems and learn to make new choices and decisions.

A mixture out of meditation, contemplation, awareness exercises, co-working, body centered psychotherapy and spiritual coaching build the frame for your time out:

  • Initial session about your intention für the time out
  • Closing session with review and integration tools for daily life
  • Intermediate sessions for adjustments: 1 week time out – 1, 2 weeks time out -3, 3 weeks – 5, more upon agreement
  • Morning meditation and or Vedic fire ritual
  • Short morning appointment to consider the awareness exercises for the day
  • At least 1 hour of co-working and service for mother nature in order to be in movement and moved and train self awareness
  • Visit of Assisi, specifically the grave chamber of St. Francis

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Main building
Single room 1 week
€ 1'150
Single room 2 weeks
€ 2'200
Single room 3 weeks
€ 3'200
One person 2 weeks
€ 2'900
One person 3 weeks
€ 4'200
Two persons 2 weeks
€ 3'700
2 persons 3 weeks
€ 5'350

Rates int the annex building on request.

work & live

With our “work & live”- offer our guests have the opportunity to experience life on a farm and agriturismo up close and be an active part of our community. 

Sowing, weeding, planting, digging, trimming, cooking, harvesting, are just a few jobs that need to be done and where our guests can help. Work & live can be full or part time: Part time means about 4 hours of work a day, full time about 8 hours, the rest of the day there is time to just linger, do some sightseeing, hiking or enjoy the “dolce far niente”.

 The rate includes breakfast and dinner every day. You sleep in a room in the annex building with your own private bathroom.

 With full time work board and lodging are free.

For organizational and room-availability reasons we can only welcome two to three guests in work & live and this only in clearly defined time slots.

Specific offers here.

Annex building
Single room per person and week
€ 180
Double room per person and week
€ 130
  • 17th to 31st of March and from 28th of April to 12th of May


Terra Selvatica offers an ideal setting for seminars and workshops. Easily accessible and at the same time secluded, in the midst of nature and still close to all important cultural tourist sights and public transportation.

Whether a day seminar, a weekend workshop or an entire seminar-week with our flexible infrastructure we can adapt to all needs of instructors and workshop participants. Chairs and tables can be arranged in a circle or like in school, in the cozy corner or at the window. We have meditation pillows and yoga mats – our salone is freely configurable. Even clear out everything for dancing …

Groups of more than 10 participants profit from the exclusive use of the agriturismo and the seminar room. During the time of the seminar or workshop no other guests are lodged in the agriturismo to guarantee the best possible privacy for all members of the group. For  smaller groups we cannot guarantee the exclusive use of the infrastructure.

Each workshop, each seminar has its own energy, its own identity and requires fine tuning. Together with the instructors or workshop leaders we determine in advance the daily structure, culinary preferences, infrastructure and specific needs to build a solid and save frame for the participants to dive completely into the topic of the workshop.

Maximum number of participants for weekend and weekly workshops: 20

Maximum number of participants for day seminars: 40

Terms and conditions

Contact us for seminars.

Main building
Single room day/person
€ 110
Double room day/person
€ 85
Annex building
Single room day/person
€ 85
Double room day/person
€ 70
Main building
Single room week/person
€ 710
Double room week/person
€ 570
Annex building
Single room week/person
€ 570
Double room week/person
€ 460

Rent the agriturismo

Did you ever dream about having a big house, invite friends and family and just be the host/hostess for them? No weeklong preparation, no dish washing, no cleaning, no bed making, no shopping or filling of the wine cellar? Just have time for you and your guests and be free of all obligations to just enjoy and relax?

Here at Terra Selvatica this is possible – rent our agriturismo and be the host/hostess of your dreams – all the rest we are taking care of.

Request renting.

Minimal rate
10 single rooms, 1 week, incl. breakfast, without dinner
€ 4'400
10 single rooms, 1 week, incl. breakfast and dinner
€ 5'800
Maximum rates
10 double rooms, 1 week, incl. breakfast, without dinner
€ 7'200
10 double rooms, 1 week, incl. breakfast and dinner
€ 10'000

Nature wedding

We are a part of nature and nature is a part of our being. We are living this motto at Terra Selvatica and therefore it is the perfect location for a Nature wedding.

To celebrate in an environmentally sustainable way amongst the people you love. A long festive decorated table in midst of the olive grove, at the swimming pool or on one of our terraces with view on the Tiber Valley. The banquet with homegrown and organic fruit and vegetable out of our garden and the meat from our free running animals. Dancing barefoot under the starry sky, the wedding vow on the grass or on our fields, wind in your hair. Your loved ones around you and the common life ahead of you. And plenty of time to soak in deeply this once in a lifetime-moment.

Also the days after. Let it finish slowly. And at the same time get in the mood of your life and future together.

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