Intensive retreat 2021

About Patricia

In her life before Terra Selvatica Patricia used to treat people in her practice “Körperwahrheit” in Basel, Switzerland. The main themes were pre- and perinatal trauma and chronic diseases. To witness and work with this primal imprinting brought her more and more towards a “spiritual sense” of her work. To perceive the “bigger picture”, spiritual laws, synchrony and the coincidence of all things and act/be in accordance with them. Patricia is not following any master or teacher, nor a single method or technique, but her intuition, experience and clairvoyance. During the intensive she is integrating approaches from body psychotherapy, trauma healing, energy healing, meditation practice and mindfulness.

``Frequently I feel that after an intensive retreat I have a different person in front of me. Mostly I perceive a new approach and connection to life and the joy above all. It is like an inner shimmering.`` Patricia

Intensive retreat

17th to 24th of April 2021

19th June to 3rd July 2021

25th of September to 9th of October 2021

The intensive retreat gives you the opportunity to dive into your actual life themes and gain new awareness. Without any distraction or excuses. Focused on yourself and the Now. Discover your inner wisdom and clarity. Within the core of your essential being. Get realigned. From moment to moment.

Daily structure

  • Agnihotra fire ritual or meditation
  • Body excercises – awakening
  • Alignment and intention for the day
  • Breakfast
  • Time in Nature
  • Sitting in the sacred space / healing sessions
  • Possibility to work with us on the land
  • Light lunch
  • Siesta and integration time
  • Time in Nature
  • Fire ritual or meditation
  • Dinner
  • Review of the day

To have the best possible experience with the intensive retreat we recommend to stay at Terra Selvatica and not doing any sightseeing or excursions. The energy is focused on the inner realms and a save and protected space is therefore helpful. Nevertheless there is the opportunity to visit the sacred sites of St. Francis of Assisi or walk a stage of the pilgrim’s path.

The whole Terra Selvatica team is supporting your intensive retreat, but mostly Patricia. All meditations, sitting in sacred spaces, readings, channelings and body exercises are taking place with her. Due to her clairvoyance, techniques of body-psychotherapy, energy healing and mindfulness, old blockages and beliefs surface and can be liberated. Deep coherence can be experienced and has its effects on all levels – spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. All sessions during the retreat allow to see the next steps, intentions and goals in ones life and to move into a new reality. Without artificial boundaries. Full of life. And joy.

Most important in such an intensive retreat and time of going inside is to integrate all the changes and insights into the body and daily life. A lot of time in nature and daily reviews of the experiences is helping with this. And on top there is an “after-session” 2 weeks after the end of the retreat (via zoom) to check if the integration and the embodiment of the retreat experiences are going well.

The intensive may also be combined with intermittent fasting, which would slightly change the daily program.

In the following rates full board and all in the daily program mentioned meditations, readings and sessions are included. For 1 week 3 sessions are included and for 2 weeks 5.

Not included are the tourist tax of € 5 per person and all alcoholic beverages.

Intensive retreat
Costs main building
Single room 1 week
Double room (2 people) 1 week
Single room 2 weeks
Double room (2 people) 2 weeks
Intensive retreat
Costs annex building
Single room 1 week
Double room (2 people) 1 week
Single room 2 weeks
Double room (2 people) 2 weeks