Cooking retreat – con noi in cucina

Cooking retreat

Con noi in cucina – 28th August to 4th September 2020

Cooking with us means learning how to put your love in the food. Your love, your presence, your consciousness. This is what this cooking retreat is all about: Prepare food in a conscious way and putting all of you in it.

In our 6-years experience at Terra Selvatica we learnt that exactly this makes the difference of good food, delicious food and extraordinary food – the consciousness and the love. And you bet – here you eat extraordinary food! Directly from the garden and orchard. Fresh and alive.


Obviously we will be cooking together a lot. This is always the opportunity to also talk about other things in life. You cannot imagine the deep processes we already had in kitchen while preparing food. Amazing. It has to do with the presence. When you are fully present with what you are doing and connected to it, things shift, get clear and are (if needed) expulsed from your system. To live a more conscious life.

Meditation and awareness training are the other big part of this retreat. We will find out what hinders you to be fully present and awake. With easy exercises and teachings, you get aware of how you move in your daily life, where your challenges and joys are and how you deal with your energy.

You will:

  • make fresh pasta (tagliatelle and ravioli)
  • prepare an unforgettable antipasti buffet
  • make sourdough bread with Peter
  • learn how to prepare the Italian essentials like parmiggiana or gnocchi alla romana
  • meditate every day
  • practice awareness exercises
  • be outside a lot
  • learn about cultivating fruit and vegetable in a natural way

At the end of this retreat you will have learnt secrets of the Italian cuisine, have typical Italian recipes in your hands – and for sure a new approach how to prepare food and live your daily life. With connectedness, presence and love. This is our wish.

Cooking retreat costs
Per person per week
Single room main building
€ 1'400
Double room main building
€ 1'200
Single room annesso
€ 1'250
Double room anesso
€ 1'100