Co-working in the olive grove 2021

The most rewarding work in the olive grove is for sure the harvest. The elders say that before the 15thof November not one olive should be picked. But it depends on the blossom in spring, the heat in summer, the rain, the cold, the weather. The tendency is to pick them earlier to get a “greener” oil. Long story short: The harvest is end of October / beginning November!

After the harvest until latest end of January dung as natural fertilizer is put under the tress. Every second year a mixture of dung and mud is put on the trunks of the trees to keep away vermin and add nutrition. The tree-cutting and trimming happens  mostly in March.  This work asks to be precise and devoted – which branch to cut, which one to leave untouched, not too much, not too less cutting. We teach our guests and helpers how to do so.

Still 20 trees are completely covered with spines and twines or caught amongst bushes. Little by little, meticulously we liberate them.

If you, dear guest, want to come and help with this work – you are more than welcome! or 0039 366 113 14 24

When are we doing what

Tree-cutting and trimming 27th of February to 12th of March 2021
Olive harvest End of October 2021