On our 33 hectares of land woods and fields alternate with hills and valleys, cultural land and wilderness. The cultivation on our farm follows organic and pure natural guidelines and principles and is mostly for our own needs.

Crop and grass for our animals, fresh fruit, vegetable and truffles for our guests in the restaurant and agriturismo.

Our land is not only a cultivation and working place but serves recreation and contemplation. To walk along the fields of golden ear and see how the wind plays with it. Smell the scents of the earth, the grass and crop and feel how it moves body, soul and spirit. Lie in the high grass and watch dragon-flies and butterflies, listen to the humming of the birds and bees and stop the never ending machinery of your thoughts. Just be.

The ash of the Agnihotra fire ritual is used for agriculture. It is nutrition for the soil.


Our olive oil and the manufacturing of our homemade deli food exceed the subsistence and are sold on markets and directly to our guests.

In Switzerland we have two selling points in Basel and Zürich.

Hand picked natural olive oil and our homemade deli food can be ordered via email. Here you find the current list of products (in german language): WebVerkaufJan20.



On Terra Selvatica olive trees dominate the landscape. Stroll through the olive groves, stop and rest at one or the other tree, feel the power, open your soul and let your thoughts run free.

Mystical, century old beings needing accurate and tender care – a special mixture of work and contemplation. Doing and being.

Thus you might just want to rest and enjoy or get to work and be active – or all together. From the end of winter time up to Easter the olive trees are cut and provided with natural nutrient. November and December serve to pick the olives (all by hand) and produce the cold pressed oil in the nearby oil mill. The rest of the year the plants grow into their trimmed form, blossom, offer shadow and rustle of leaves, grace and beauty – and the olive oil settles and clarifies itself and loses its bitter substances.

Special offers to work with us in the olive grove.

Order handpicked and natural olive oil.

Fruit & vegetable

In our fruit orchard and vegetable garden grows almost everything we need for our seasonal cooking and the manufacturing of our preserves. Whether these are fresh vegetables, salads or fruits to be eaten right away or transformed for daily menus, our main priority is a top organic quality. Our plants are free from pesticide and growth-promoting substances and thrive and prosper with rain, sun, weeding, mulching, urtica-water and humus. And much attention, devotion and love…

A herb garden completes the essences, flavors, scents and smells.


Toto and Chicca, our two crossbreed dogs, are always looking forward to have new company and escort our guests on long walks across the land. They are always open to caresses and love hanging out around the house. In case of boredom they might play with our half wild cats..

Our chicken and ducks have their own territory where they can run free and have a warm stall for cold days. Cackling and flattering their wings they come running towards you, expecting something to eat. Their eggs taste excellent!

A little bit further away from the buildings our sheep have their shed and pasture. In the meantime the little flock has grown to 10 sheep and we count on them to increase their number.