la passione per la natura


Finally we found our yogini! Pamina Fuchs, living near Basel, Switzerland, is offering courses of Anahatha-Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Her teaching provides an ideal frame to get to know Yoga, to deepen or to discover it anew. Pamina’s intuition and empathy allow participants to learn or improve their very individual and personal way of Yoga and to discover the “I am” on all levels of being.

In all her workshops the experience of Nature is a central point because Nature is seen as a mirror to the very own being and the actual life situation. Mindfulness and daily awareness are not only tought but deeply integrated and lived.

“For me Yoga is not just a physical and spiritual practice – it is a way of living.” This is Pamina’s credo and fits so well the spirit of Terra Selvatica, this place where LIFE is written in capital letters.

Our Yoga program for 2018:

Detox and purification - spring-awareness-week                

Retreat for couples - the four dimensions of love                          

Time of abundance "I am" - celebrate the inner richness           

Nature mandalas - creative Yoga-week, details follow                       

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17th to 24th March

19th to 26th May

9th to 16th September

29th September to 6th October