la passione per la natura

soul food

Food for the soul. For soul,  spirit and  body - in a holistic way. Holistic as the cultivation and preparation of our products. Most edibles are from our production and have passed through our hands from the sowing over the harvest to the preparation of  soulful dishes. Honoring the circle of life.

The frame of our soul food weeks is built by healthy, vegetarian food and its preparation as well as meditation, experiences with and in nature, walks and hikes on our land and the training of awareness and consciousness. We take nature as the mirror of our soul and pay attention to its reflexion. Outside like inside - and vice versa. Therefore each soul food week is put under a theme according to the season and the processes in nature.

Part of the offer are excursions to the grave-chamber of St. Francis in Assisi, market visits, degustations with local producers or other actual events.

Painting, writing, dancing or special rituals can complete the offer.

There is also the possibility of individual sessions for spiritual guidance, channelling or body therapy.

Dates of our soul food weeks 2017:

Wild asparagus - detox and purification                         

Eatable wild plants and herbs - bitter-sweet beauty     

Wild cherries - the variety of life                                   

Abundant harvest  - conserve abundance                              

Truffles - imbedded in the earth                                   

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soul food

25th March to 7th April

2nd to 9th June, Pentecost

10th to 17th June

9th to 16th September

25th to 29th October