la passione per la natura


Two Swiss people in Italy. Gli svizzeri – as the Italians say.

Tired of our civilized life we decided to move to the country side and materialize and live our long cherished visions and dreams. Terra Selvatica is a combination of both our visions. Here they finally came together, found reality and solid, fertile ground so to say. Dreams of an autonomous and independent life. Nature. Land. Being outside. Live in a sustainable way, in harmony with the circle of life. Eat homegrown vegetables. Mature and full of taste. Live and care about the community. Together. Meet and being met.

For a long time we felt the attraction and the connection to Italy, to the Italian way of life, the “italianità”. Each one in her/his own way. The joy and pleasure that –one could think- emanates from within the earth and flows into the body and soul showing itself in heartiness, warmth and helpfulness. This is contagious and yet so soothing.

The step to Umbria, Perugia, Fratticiola Selvatica, Terra Selvatica was a big one. This change of life has brought inner freedom, wisdom and peace and the wish to share it with you, dear guest.

A heartfelt welcome here with us, in our home – da noi!

Peter und Patricia