la passione per la natura


Swimming pool

From Easter to about mid-October our swimming pool is in use. Shielded from the wind it is situated on the headland in front of the main building and benefits from  all day long sun exposure. An almost 360° view lets the eye wander without restraint over the valley of the Tiber river and the Umbrian hills.

Terraces and sitting areas

All around the agriturismo building complex there are little niches and terraces, where our guests can retreat and enjoy privacy or – on the other hand enjoy the company of other guests. A barbeque is at the disposal of our guests. Other sitting areas are spread all over the land of Terra Selvatica. One of the summertime highlights are the natural stone pools at the little creek bordering our estate.

Boccia field

Where in the old days the farmyard manure was stored we built a boccia field. It is situated half way in between the main building and the swimming pool. We are already looking forward to the competitions.