la passione per la natura


The versatility of olive trees and its fruits is legendary and the discussions about the best olive oil endless (obviously we consider ours to be the best in the neighborhood… ).

On Terra Selvatica olive trees dominate the landscape. Stroll through the olive groves, stop and rest at one or the other tree, feel the power, open your soul and let your thoughts run free.

Mystical, century old beings needing accurate and tender care – a special mixture of work and contemplation. Doing and being.

Thus you might just want to rest and enjoy or get to work and be active – or all together. From the end of winter time up to Easter the olive trees are cut and provided with natural nutrient. November and December serve to pick the olives (all by hand) and produce the cold pressed oil in the nearby oil mill. The rest of the year the plants grow into their trimmed form, blossom, offer shadow and rustle of leaves, grace and beauty – and the olive oil settles and clarifies itself and loses its bitter substances.

Special offers to work with us in the olive grove

Order handpicked and natural olive oil.