la passione per la natura


To give a heartfelt and open minded welcome to our guests and to offer a temporary home, a place to feel and be well and let go the daily tension – this is our top priority. We take care of our guests with carefulness, awareness and a good sense of humor and spontaneity

Hospitality means to be open for the needs of our guests. Means to provide insight and share our life, our work, our daily business. Means share sympathy and take part

To us hospitality means creating space for diversity in our temporary companionship. Time and places of rest and silence are as important to us as meeting places and being together or even work together. We are living in a conscious way full of tolerance, respect and thoughtfulness.

To expand the meaning of hospitality a little further, please note, that we renounced to equip our guest rooms with TV, phone or internet. This because we – and hopefully you as well, dear guest, - are much more interested in exchanging and meeting in a direct and personal way and live community. Of course we thought of your digital availability or the pleasure of watching a good movie and thanks to our modern library and our internet hotspot you may connect to other people and places.