la passione per la natura

Country life

an affair of the heart

Country life on a farm means to get involved. Involved in each single moment. No matter if it is a moment of sun, warmth, wind, rain or cold, the power of the elements invites to live nature, become a part of it and learn its language. Spring doesn’t speak the same language as  summer or autumn – the every day life adapts to the season, the weather or animal’s needs. And in the midst of this normal unpredictability of life we are pursuing our daily business with enthusiasm, joy, attention and carefulness.

Life on a farm means to have dirt underneath your fingernails, blisters on your feet or hands, muscle ache, possibly a sunburn. It means birds-singing as a constant companion, glowworms in June, pure air, fragrances of earth and plenty of satisfaction. To witness how a seed becomes a plant giving us fruit and vegetable is participating directly in the circle of life.

Thus you should be aware that when you are coming to Terra Selvatica, the rooster crows, sheep are bleating, wind muddles up your hair, rain might transform the earth into mud. But your gaze meets no boundaries, your senses will be cleaned and refreshed and you dive into the wisdom of nature. In all its wild beauty.

Terra Selvatica – wild earth.

On our farm we leave space for cultivated and wild land – they complement each other. Olive groves surrounded by broom growing wild and thorny bushes where bees and other little animals meet. Our fields are fenced by natural bushes and wild cherry trees. Traces of human intervention are in harmony with the natural growth, the native land and the earth. Pure beauty and wilderness. Cultivation and authenticity. Discipline and freedom. At Terra Selvatica these are no opposites – ONENESS.

Terra Selvatica – wild earth.

We have taken her to our hearts and she thanks us with her miracles and richness. She opened her doors wide, let us in and welcomed us. And the same welcome we offer you, dear guest.

Welcome – benvenuta –benvenuto – benvenuti on our farm!