la passione per la natura


Our setter Chicca presides the animal community. She is a faithful companion and loves being the hostess and welcome people, waging her tail and playing with like-minded. One of those is Toto, our young male dog, who is still a bit tumultuous and discovering his district.

Our chicken have their own territory where they can run free and have a warm stall for cold days. Cackling and flattering their wings they come running towards you, expecting something to eat. Their eggs taste excellent! Harold, our male duck has now two duck hens to coddle and protect.

A little bit further downhill our sheep have their shed and pasture. In the meantime the little flock has grown to 10 sheep and we count on them to increase their number.

Since June 2016 three highland catlle cows found a new home on the hill behind our house. In good swiss mannor they are listening to "hoooosasasasa" and amble slowly towards you. Their horns are impressive, but actually they are pritty kind.

The semi-wild cats complete the animal picture. They are insatiable and therefore not very welcome around the house.