la passione per la natura


A living soil and natural growth are the main priority also on our fields. Alternately we sow barley, chickpeas, oat and rye. With the crop we cover the nutritional needs of our animals in winter and the chickpeas are transformed into delicious dishes in the agriturismo or sold on the market. In order to give our soil enough variety and richness we are evaluating new products to cultivate such as textile hemp or lentils.

Our fields are not only a cultivation and working place but serve recreation and contemplation. To walk along the fields of golden ear and see how the wind plays with it. Smell the scents of the earth, the grass and crop and feel how it moves body, soul and spirit. Lie in the high grass and watch dragon-flies and butterflies, listen to the humming of the birds and bees and stop the never ending machinery of your thoughts. Just be.